Visit by the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats

On Saturday 13 February 2016, a group of members of the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats (FYD) visited the Natolin campus of the College of Europe. The visit took place upon Natolin students' kind invitation.

The day was inaugurated with a welcome address by Natolin student Mr Aleksander SZOJDA, who introduced the guests to a presentation by Mr Richard WASHINGTON, Natolin's Director of Communications. Mr WASHINGTON spoke keenly about the College of Europe's history and its current mission in modern Europe, as well as about some typical College of Europe student profiles.

The presentation was followed by an informal session with Natolin students. Over coffee, they offered the young diplomats some insights into the process of application and the challenges that successful candidates will have to face once they have arrived at Natolin. The visit's highlight was a campus tour guided by Mr Marek RYBAK, Natolin's Events Coordinator. The tour included all academic buildings, the library, the Natolin Palace and also student residences.

Later, the guests were offered a courtesy lunch at the Natolin Restaurant. The Forum of Young Diplomats reciprocated the courtesy by inviting Mr Richard WASHINGTON to Kraków, in order to extend his presentation of the College of Europe to the remaining members of the FYD. Special thanks go to Natolin students Mr Andrei BUGA, Ms Lydia STODDART, Mr Michele FIORILLO and Ms Raisa KOTSAN for contributing to the visitors' experience.

The Polish Forum of Young Diplomats (PFYD) is a nationwide non-governmental organization that brings together young people, students and graduates of a number of Polish and foreign universities, who have defined career ambitions of working in an international environment. For more information visit: