Volume 2 of the first issue of Lingua Natolina has been published

We are pleased to present the second volume of Lingua Natolina issue 1, a multilingual and hybrid publication featuring art, literature, journalism, and academia, founded by the students of the College of Europe in Natolin. 

Volume 2 features a wide range of themes such as feminism and gender, business and insights, as well as essays, poetry, journalistic and academic articles by fellow students and the contribution of political figures and writers; all in no less than eight languages.

Below an introduction to some of the written pieces of Volume 2:


"The idea behind the EU in Verse section is to present readers with multilingual European poetry of the highest calibre.

In these times of crisis, poetry is undergoing a revival, maybe especially because it suspends static meaning, and best captures the uncertainty of the times we live in. Here you will find modern wordsmiths at play, but also the occasional interpretative translation of canonical European poets.

Translating poetry often amounts to creating a new poem and helps us take a fresh look at the voices of the past. In our first issue, a special space has been given to German poetry in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of German reunification."

Volha Zaitsava, Lone Angel, Užupis, Vilnius, 2018 FEMINISM AND GENDER

"The Feminism and Gender section of Lingua Natolina intends to promote voices that are too often marginalised or oppressed.

Taking a closer look at the role of women and LGBTQ+ people in our society is a way to shift institutional biases and prevent further divisions in European society.

This section was started in conjunction with the Feminism and Gender Society launched at the College of Europe in Natolin for this purpose."

Meli Campbell, Androgynous, 2020. Ink drawing. BUSINESS AND INSIGHTS

"The Business section of Lingua Natolina is launched with the purpose of bringing back optimism and trust in our ability to shape a smarter future in Europe. We do not believe in an unavoidable collapse, in State withdrawal, or in unbearable complexity and vulnerability.

Changes come with fantastic opportunities to build a surer, greener, and smarter society. Together we hope to empower institutions, businesses, NGOs, and stakeholders of the European economy. An essential part of this transpires through showcasing the expertise of Natolin students and relevant private and public sector figures."

Volha Zaitsava, Red Door, Mälmo, 2015 LIFE AT THE COLLEGE

"The Life at the College section aims to showcase the multicultural lifestyles of the highly diverse Mário Soares Promotion.

We invite you to step into our shoes and take a peak into the highly dynamic everyday life of a College of Europe student. We will present students' world views through poetry, personal reflections and anecdotes. The section works in close cooperation with the Humans of Natolin project."

Please find the integral version of Volume 2 here.

We look forward to the next issue of Lingua Natolina, with more interesting content produced by our students at the College of Europe in Natolin!