10 juil 2023

"Media bias and armed conflict. A handbook of critical thinking while reporting war" - 1st editon (2023)

A partir de 10/07 09:00 till 23/07 17:00
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

The Executive Education Office at the College of Europe in Natolin organizes in the framework of the ETGN (European and Transnational Governance Network) the 2023 edition of the course "Media bias and armed conflict. A handbook of critical thinking while reporting war".

The course is now open for registration, at this link.

This course will look at conflict-sensitive and value-based reporting. It will cover issues related to disinformation in the media and investigative journalism in an age of open data. It will also discuss media funding and sustainability for institutions funded by grants and those financed by direct reader or advertising income. It is addressed to a wide variety of professionals whose work touches upon journalism- and information-related topics.

This course comprises a self-study component opening on 10 July 2023 followed by enriching, interactive, online live sessions between 21 - 23 July 2023 with our expert, Mr Dominik CAGARA.

The detailed course description is available here.

Contact us at: etgn@coleuropenatolin.eu

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