Natolin students visit the National Museum in Warsaw

A group of Natolin students took part in a guided tour of the National Museum in Warsaw. This extracurricular outing was organized by the Students Affairs and Professional Development Office as part of their exploration of Warsaw and Poland.

During the tour, students had the opportunity to admire some of the museum's most remarkable pieces. The journey commenced in the Faras Gallery, which boasts the distinction of being the sole permanent exhibition in Europe showcasing Medieval Nubian paintings from the Nile River Valley south of the First Cataract. These invaluable works found their home in the National Museum in Warsaw thanks to the diligent efforts of Polish archaeologists who participated in a vast UNESCO-led international initiative aimed at preserving the cultural remnants of civilizations once inhabiting the Nile River Valley south of the First Cataract.

The guide led the group through selected works from various galleries, including the Gallery of 19th Century Art, the Gallery of Old European Painting, and the Gallery of Old Polish and European Portraiture. Notable pieces in the Gallery of Old European Painting included original pieces by Sandro BOTTICELLI, while the Gallery of 19th Century Art showcased masterpieces such as The Battle of Grunwald by Jan MATEJKO.

Additionally, students gained insight into the ongoing efforts of the Polish government to locate and recover thousands of artworks that were plundered from Polish galleries and museums during World War II.

So far, as part of the cultural program, students had the chance to visit the Copernicus Science Centre and take part in historical city tours. The Museum was the first instance where the College extended its program to include elements of art.