Selection of students is running smoothly

Selection of College of Europe students is running smoothly using the wonders of technology

As far as Mr Thierry MONFORTI, Director of the College of Europe Admissions Office, is concerned he is rather satisfied with the organization of the student selection processes which take place all over Europe and the world.  

The Portugal Selection Committee © Pawel Michalski

"Regarding the selection processes, a large number of them were and remain via video conference (we deal with more than 50 nationalities!). However, we also have a significant number of selections with the crucial interaction of National Selection Committees (London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Warsaw, Madrid, Prague, Lisbon, Bern, Athens, Copenhagen and Dublin) and also organize three-party video conferences (national administrations, College of Europe and candidates). This works perfectly well!"

We would like to thank all parties involved and look forward to welcoming our next promotion of students by the latest by September.