Third COVID–19 mass testing at the Natolin campus – all students negative

The Natolin Community is happy and relieved to announce that all the students on our campus have been tested negative to COVID-19 according to the antigen testing method.

The testing took place on Thursday, 3 December 2020, and it is already the third mass testing organised since the beginning of the academic year; another antigen testing and a PCR testing were carried out in the previous weeks and months.

"The students were divided into groups of five and were invited to wait for the results in different classrooms, that were transformed into waiting rooms for the occasion."

The procedure ran smoothly and was coordinated by the Student Affairs Office (Ms Aleksandra BRODOWSKA, Dr Giovanna DI MAURO, Mr Georgios VEIS) and the Student Residences staff (Ms Anna FASZCZEWSKA, Ms Anna DĄBROWSKA). The testing was carried out by two highly skilled paramedics, Mr Mariusz DYBA and Mr Aleksander GÓRSKI.

These measures are part of Natolin's Pledges on COVID-19, with the aim to keep our community safe while making sure that students can carry out their studies and enjoy all the opportunities the Natolin campus has to offer.