Natolin Pledge 4 // Support for every student

Students receive full pastoral support from the Natolin campus. This includes the services of a professional therapist and counsellor, whom students can arrange meetings with, and help from institutions such as the Student Affairs Office.

Some students might be in (self-)isolation or quarantine, either because they show symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection, have tested positive, or have been a close contact of an infected person. Every student who ends up in such a situation receives full support from the Natolin community.

This includes food deliveries in takeaway containers, book deliveries from the Natolin Library, and any help with other essential needs, such as medicaments, that might arise. Students who are in (self-)isolation or quarantine are also given the option to fully participate in each class through a remote video link.

Any student who is unable to travel home, either because they are in isolation or quarantine or due to other circumstances, such as border closures, can continue to stay on campus for a while. This applies both for the winter break and the weeks after the conclusion of the year and graduation.

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