Diversity Facts & Figures



The gender balance among our students is very strong. In the academic year 2022-2023 the Bruges Campus hosted 54% female students and 46% male students.


* statistics from 2018-2022



We can proudly say that our Rector, 3 out of 4 Directors of Studies, 1 out of 2 Programme Directors, and 2 out of 3 Permanent Professors is female.

In general, the College also has a majority of women among its permanent staff members (62% women vs. 38% men), including 55% of our current administrative leadership.

In contrast, the vast majority of the College's visiting professors is still male (69% vs 31% female).

All study departments keep track of their gender balance through detailed Gender Scoreboards, to monitor progress on this front.














  • Technical staff includes all blue-collar employees and in particular, residence wardens, kitchen staff, housekeeping and technicians;
  • Administrative staff includes all white collare employees and departmental secretaries, except for leadership;
  • Academic staff includes all directors of studies, permanent professors, chairs, assistants and research assistants;
  • Leadership includes administrative staff reporting directly to the Rector (thus excluding academic staff with hierarchical responsibilities);
  • Visiting Professors include non-permanent academic staff.  


In 2022, we had 21 different nationalities among our permanent staff (i.e. excluding visiting professors).
Our academic staff represents the highest diversity in terms of nationalities, while the majority of our administrative staff is Belgian.