Gender Equality

The Working Party on Gender Equality was formed in September 2015 with a mandate from the Academic Council in response to an initiative of the Student Association for Gender Equality (SAGE). The working party is presided by MATA Director Michele Chang, and comprises members of academic and administrative staff, as well as student representatives from both the Bruges and Natolin campuses.

Since its inception, the achievements of the Working Party have included, among others: developing and regularly revising the College’s Code of Conduct; providing annual workshops on consent; expanding academic resources on gender equality; introducing gender scoreboards in all academic departments; promoting gender mainstreaming; creating all-gender bathrooms; creating a Welfare Office; and most recently, drafting a Gender Equality Charter.


The members of the Working Party for the Academic Year 2023-2024 are:

  • Michele CHANG, Chair, POL and MATA
  • Pierre BACHELIER, Bruges Student Affairs
  • Sara CANALI, Academic Administration Office
  • Margaux COGNARD, EG 
  • Julie FAVRIL, Student Welfare Officer
  • Sacha GARBEN, LAW
  • Anna GRIECO, Training & Projects
  • Mariam GRIGORYAN, Natolin Student Affairs
  • Sieglinde GSTÖHL, IRD
  • Isabelle HILLEWAERE, Bruges HR
  • Anis ISSA, Natolin Student Affairs
  • Pascale WINAND, EIS
  • Nour BEN MEFTEH, Natolin student representative
  • Sara Manuela Moreira, Bruges SAGE representative
  • Manon Vivier-Merle, Bruges student representative