Conferences and workshops

15ème Conférence Annuelle du GCLC:

Quand: 30-31 janvier 2020

Sujet: Vertical Restraints in the Digital Economy: VBER reform and the future of distribution


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14ème Conférence Annuelle du GCLC:

Quand: 31 janvier - 01 février 2019

Sujet: Remedies In EU Competition Law: Substance, Process and Policy

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13ème Conférence annuelle

Quand: 25-26 janvier 2018

Sujet: Fairness in Competition Law and Policy: Significance and Implications

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12ème Confèrence annuelle
Quand: 26-27 Janvier 2017
Sujet: Dynamic markets and dynamic enforcement: which competition policy for a world in flux?
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11ème Conférence annuelle 
Quand: 1-2 Fèvrier 2016
Sujet: The notion of restriction of competition: revisiting the foundations of antitrust enforcement in Europe
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10ème Conférence annuelle 
Quand: 6-7 Novembre 2014
Sujet: 10 Years of Regulation 1/2003: challenges and reform
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9ème Conférence annuelle 
Quand: 7-8 Novembre 2013
Sujet: Antitrust Damages in EU Law and Policy
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8ème Conférence annuelle 
Quand: 8-9 Novembre 2012
Sujet: Competition Law in Times of Economic Crisis: In Need for Adjustment?
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7ème Conférence annuelle 
Quand: 27-28 Octobre 2011
Sujet: Ten Years of the Effects-Based Approach in EU Competition Law: State of play and Perspectives
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GCLC Conference (SGEI)
Quand: 30 Septembre 2011
Sujet: The Reform of State Aid Rules on Services of General Economic Interest - From the 2005 Monti-Kroes Package to the 2011 Almunia Reform
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Half-day conference
Quand: 16 Fèvrier 2011
Sujet: The New Legal Framework For Horizontal Cooperation Agreements
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6ème Conférence annuelle
Quand: 7-8 Octobre 2010
Sujet: The Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Competition Law Cases
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5ème Conférence annuelle
Quand: 11-12 Juin 2009
Sujet: The Commission's review of regulation 1/2003
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Natolin competition law conference
Quand: 13 Mars 2009
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4ème Conférence Annuelle
Quand: 19-20 Juin 2008
Sujet: Cartels and enforcement proceedings: current legal issues
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3ème Conférence Annuelle
Quand: 21-22 Septembre 2006
Sujet: Economic Analysis of State Aid Rules
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Competition Law and Media Content
Quand: 5 Decembre 2005
Conférence organisée par le Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC) avec British Telecommunications plc

2ème Conférence Annuelle
Quand: 16-17 Juin 2005
Sujet: The Modernisation of Article 82
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Margin Squeeze under EC Competition Law with a special focus on the Telecommunications Sector
Quand: 10 Decembre 2004
Conférence organisée par le Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC) avec British Telecommunications plc

Anthony WHELAN, Margin Squeeze - A View from Within the Commission [31 KB Word file]

John KALLAUGHER, The "Margin Squeeze" under Article 82: Searching for Limiting Principles [134 KB Word file]

Dr. Jorge PADILLA, The Economics of Margin Squeeze. A short history of nearly everything [118 KB PowerPoint file]

Damien GERARDIN, Robert O'DONOGHUE, The Concurrent Application Of Competition Law And   Regulation: The Case Of Margin Squeeze Abuses In The Telecommunications Sector [117 KB Word file]

Stefan LECHLER, The Deutsche Telekom Margin Squeeze Case [279 KB PowerPoint file]

Paolo PALMIGIANO, The BT Margin Squeeze Case [120 KB PowerPoint file]

Mark BETHELL, BSkyB Decisions: Margin Squeeze  [194 KB PowerPoint file]

Laurent GARZANITI, Margin Squeeze: Some Observations from a Practicioner's View [117 KB Word file]