Conferences & events

Events and activities dedicated to transatlantic relations are organized on a regular basis.

October 2023 Discussion with US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith

September 2023 Meeting with Canadian Ambassador to the EU Ailish Campbell

In June 2023, the US Mission to the EU launched its ‘Ask the Ambassador’ series with MATA students asking US Ambassador to the EU Mark Gitenstein important questions on transatlantic affairs.

May 2023 MATA visits the Council Working Party on Transatlantic Affairs

April 2023 Exchange with former US Ambassador to the EU Anthony L. Gardner.

In April 2023 MATA Fulbright NATO Security Scholar Andrea Cameron invited Constantinos Hadjisavvas from the European Defence Agency to discuss security and climate resilience.

In November 2022, MATA celebrated the launch of the book Chip War by Fletcher’s MATA Academic Director Chris Miller. Guillaume Ragonnaud from the European Parliamentary Research Service commented on the book in view of the EU Chips Act.

In May 2022 MATA celebrated its 5-year anniversary.