MATA alumni and current students met in Brussels in November 2021 with Rector Federica Mogherini and Director Michele Chang.

MATA graduates have gone on to work in the public and private sectors in a variety of careers related to transatlantic affairs.  Some employees of MATA graduates include:

  • The United Nations
  • NATO
  • The European Parliament
  • Nuclear Threat Initiative
  • Embassy of France to the United States
  • Hanbury Strategy
  • European Policy Centre
  • Eni energy company
  • Air BnB



“Reflecting back on this journey as part of the first cohort of the MATA programme, I can say now that this transatlantic programme allowed me to broaden my professional horizon and embrace peacebuilding work, from Headquarters and decision-making spheres to the grassroots in the field. The MATA was both an ambitious and enriching choice, which proved determinant to my work with the UN today.” 

-Lucie Duchateau, Civil Affairs Officer, UN Mission in South Sudan 



“I chose the MATA to benefit from a truly immersive transatlantic educational experience, the specialization of two leading graduate schools, and the opportunity to learn about this critical field from leading experts who are deeply familiar with the institutions and ideas shaping the transatlantic agenda. The MATA is so much more than an educational curriculum surrounding a very significant theme. It is a challenging, dynamic, and highly rewarding experience that students can mold according to their specific interests and leverage across professional industries. “  

-Stefan Harrigan, International Trade Manager, Georgia Department of Economic Development