Turkish-Azerbaijani Cultural Day at Natolin

On 2 October 2023, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO) revived the cherished tradition of Cultural Days at the College of Europe in Natolin. The students of the Madeleine Albright promotion were treated to a delightful display of Turkish-Azerbaijani cultural festivities organized by their fellow students.

The festivities commenced with a tantalizing showcase of typical Turkish and Azerbaijani cuisine at the Natolin student restaurant. Following this gastronomic delight, a coffee gathering unfolded in the lobby of the Retinger Residence, enriched by the students' introduction to the custom of fortune telling, deeply embedded in Turkish society.

The grand finale took place in the Auditorium Copernicus, where an interactive presentation showcased each country's unique attractions. The evening was further enlivened by a musical performance featuring our students Mehmet Burak BULAT, Meriç DEMIRCIOĞLU, and Emin ÜNVER. To top it off, a Kahoot! game was organized, with three lucky winners receiving delightful local products.

SAPDO extends its warmest congratulations to the students for orchestrating a successful Cultural Day and eagerly anticipates the next exciting cultural demonstrations in the coming weeks.

Check out the images from the evening at Natolin on our Flickr account below!

20.10.2023 - Turkey and Azerbaijan Cultural Day at Natolin