19 fév 2024

Natolin Digital Transformation Nest Visit to the Microsoft Office in Warsaw

A partir de 16:00 till 19:00
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On 19 February 2024, the Natolin Digital Transformation Nest organised a field trip to the Microsoft Office in Warsaw.

The event put a spotlight the ethical considerations Microsoft embraces in AI development, ensuring technology serves humanity responsibly. Through real-world examples, the students discovered how AI is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft's daily operations, enhancing efficiency and innovation. A special focus was placed on the critical role of AI in the 2024 European elections, examining its influence on democratic processes and information integrity. This comprehensive dialogue aimed to shed light on the interplay between digital policies, ethical AI practices, and their collective impact on shaping a future where technology aligns with societal values and governance.

Furthermore, the field trip included a visit to the Centre Innovation Alley, where students engaged in detailed discussions on several key topics. These included an exploration of Microsoft's European Government Affairs operations in Brussels, an overview of EU digital policies, and an in-depth look at Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI practices.

About the Speakers:

  • Ms Maria CARUSO, Policy Coordinator
  • Ms Victoria SARMIENTO HERRERO, Government Affairs Specialist
  • Mr Konrad OLSZEWSKI, Modern Work Specialist
  • Mr Michal JAWORSKI, Director of Technology Strategy
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