Digital Transformation Nest

Mentor: Mr Olaf OSICA

Focus of the Nest in 2023-2024: Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation is no longer an idea or concept but the reality of the world we live in. And it is not only ChatGPT or other Large Language Models based on the so-called generative Artificial Intelligence. Digital transformation is a process that shapes and changes the way we study, work, or communicate. It also changes politics, society, and the economy. For that reason, the Digital Transformation Nest is an invitation to learn and discuss with experts and practitioners various consequences, opportunities, and challenges of the digital era.  

Leading themes include:

  • Lectures & meetings with experts presenting AI's impact on democracy and media, the economy, and the future of jobs.
  • Legal and ethical aspects of the digital revolution.
  • How digital transformation impacts European Integration and the EU's role in the world.