Welcome to Natolin

An iconic location, a European story

Inauguration of the College of Europe in Natolin

Established in 1992 in Warsaw in the wake of the historic changes in Europe, the fall of communism and reintegration of the continent, the College of Europe at Natolin has been the first of its kind in the region with the task of educating about the European Communities and the countries of East and Central Europe.

Today, with its postgraduate Master of Arts in European Interdisciplinary Studies, the Natolin campus is at the cutting edge of academic study of new developments in the EU and it attracts students from all over Europe and beyond who are seeking a truly multicultural experience and an international career.

"This College of Europe at Natolin is more than the symbol of Europe found once again, it is the hope represented in this beautiful historic place. The hope that exchanges can multiply for greater mutual understanding and fraternity" - Jacques Delors, 26 May 1994

A unique campus, a playground for all your ideas

The setting of the Natolin campus is truly unique. Located in a 120-hectare historical park and nature reserve, formerly the Royal hunting palace of Natolin, it remains a quiet island of green amidst the bustling modern city. Not far from the center of Warsaw, a thriving and fast-developing metropolis of 1.7 million inhabitants, it offers an easy access to the rich cultural, political and business life of the capital.


Photo F. Kwiatkowski © Warsaw Tourist Office Photo courtesy of www.warsawtour.pl & www.um.warszawa.pl/en 

An ideal starting point to discover Central and Eastern Europe

Located in Poland, close to the Eastern frontier of the European Union, the College of Europe in Natolin allows students to become familiar with the political and socio-economic developments of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as with the new policies developed by the EU to shape its relations with its neighbours following enlargement.

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