Living on campus

The experience of studying at the College of Europe in Natolin goes far beyond the academic programme. There is a true mission of fostering an inclusive and supportive community in which students can live and study together. This diverse, multicultural setting helps students transcend cultural barriers, challenge stereotypes, build intercultural dialogue, and learn from each other, thus creating strong, long-lasting bonds. Additionally, balancing an intensive academic program with an active engagement in extracurricular activities is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Every year, at Natolin, students are supported by the College in the organisation of cultural and leisure events. Activities proposed by students are often different – but nonetheless complementary – from the academic offer.

Cultural activities

Cultural events at the College of Europe in Natolin range from artistic performances to meetings with interesting personalities from the world of cinema, media and culture, but also include visits to museums, art exhibitions and historical sites in Warsaw. The aim of these activities is to encourage students to deepen their knowledge and curiosity on each other's traditions and cultural heritage.

National Cultural Days are a series of student‐led cultural events aiming at celebrating the diversity of the Natolin student community. These events may go from a simple Italian lunch prepared by the Restaurant Staff, to traditional Armenian dance sessions on campus. Many workshops, lectures and screenings are also organised in these occasions.

Sports and Fitness

On campus you will find a football pitch, a fitness room a badminton and volleyball set, as well as many other sport equipment. Every year, a football team is formed competing in an external tournament and in the "Natolin Cup" in June. There are also several gyms in the Kabaty-Natolin districts that can satisfy the more sporty students who would like to work out regularly.

Our students – and members of our staff – every year participate in Warsaw's Half Marathon, which usually takes place between April and June. Some students also participate in shorter races such as the Praga's 5km Run (a district in the North-East area of Warsaw). The Natolin campus also is the ideal place to train and run with its 120 hectares of forest. In the past, students have also formed a boxing club, a yoga club, a dance club and many others. Many students also choose to sing in the Natolin Choir throughout the academic year. The Choir notably performs on important occasions at the College such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Discover Poland

A series of activities are exclusively dedicated to the discovery of Poland and its cultural heritage, in order to give students the necessary tools to integrate in the host country. These can include sightseeing tours of Warsaw at the beginning of the academic year, a traditional Polish Christmas dinner organised at the end of the first semester, or classical music concerts organized in cooperation with the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

In the last decade, Natolin also had the great pleasure of hosting events on the campus with the participation of famous personalities of the Polish cinema and media.

At the end of every year at Natolin, students leave campus with a sense of belonging to a dynamic and caring community of alumni. This is due to the thriving community life the student body shapes during the academic year.

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