Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Since its establishment in 1992, the College of Europe in Natolin acknowledges the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion for the European Project and our mission.  As a community at the College of Europe in Natolin:

  1. We commit to creating an atmosphere of respect for equality and diversity of students, staff, and faculty.
  2. We commit to strengthening mutual respect and courtesy in all interactions between the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Europe Natolin campus.
  3. We commit to raising awareness and supporting equality, diversity and inclusion among students, staff, and faculty.
  4. We commit to act against any form of discrimination or mobbing as set out in the Policy of countermeasures against discrimination and mobbing.

In order to uphold and strengthen these values in our community a Policy Against Discrimination and Mobbing was first adopted in June 2017. Since then, the Policy has been regularly reviewed (last update summer 2021). There were no more than ten cases to date which concerned boundaries in interpersonal relations amongst students and were resolved through mediation and boundary setting.

The Policy ties in with the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Guidelines (2015) along with the Student Code of Conduct (2022). These three documents clearly define the expected values and boundaries in mutual interactions within the community. At the same time, they offer a clear procedure to report, address and act in case discrimination or mobbing would occur.

In order to promote and safeguard Equality, Diversity and Inclusion based on “gender, age, race, religion, nationality, political belief, ethnicity, religious denomination, language and culture, sexual orientation, disability or parental status” the role of the Advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion was created in July 2021, and the same year an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter was adopted.

The Advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is responsible for counteracting discrimination and exclusion and promoting diversity, through:

  • assessing needs and supporting initiatives on equality, diversity, and inclusion;
  • offering consultation in the field of care for equality, diversity, and inclusion;
  • counteracting all forms of discrimination and exclusion;
  • taking adequate and fair measures in the event of reporting an alleged violation in the field of equality or exclusion.

In 2022, an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan was adopted which outlines the ways in which we currently promote and safeguard our values, and how we plan to develop our approach in the near future.

At the beginning of every academic year, students are introduced to all the above policies and mechanisms, the role of the Advocate, and the availability of the onsite Counsellor. At the same time our students take part in an obligatory Consent & Boundaries Workshop to ensure that the College of Europe in Natolin is a safe and comfortable space for all.

All documents mentioned in this text are available to be downloaded here.

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