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The capital of Poland since 1596, located in the east-central part of the country, a fascinating city full of contradictions, by many called imperishable, with its magical soul in locations that do not exist anymore. Warsaw will excite, provoke and inspire you by its atmosphere evoked by a fabulous combination of historical buildings and modern urban architecture.


Warsaw’s troubled past, with independence uprisings and wars, obviously casts a shadow over the history of the city. The especially enchanting Old Town, being thoroughly reconstructed and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, shows the remarkable endurance of the capital. Today, Warsaw moves boldly forward and impresses with its charm as a modern, attractive and friendly metropolis attracting millions of tourists every year.

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As a city, Warsaw is a friendly place for young people – with about 1.7 million residents, more than 200,000 of them are students. With a focus on creativity and innovation, universities and academies enhance the city’s social and cultural life – attracting people from all over Poland, the European Union and the rest of the world.


Poland’s native language is Polish, belonging to the group of West Slavic languages. In Warsaw and Poland’s major cities, you will discover quickly that the English language is relatively widely spoken. 


Arts, Culture, Leisure

The "cultural capital" of Poland offers a rich array of cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, and trade fairs, but also theatrical performances, festivals, and shows.


The weather in Poland changes all over the year, together with the four seasons. You will be able to experience sunny skies and warm temperatures during the summer time, admire the colors of spring and autumn decorating the landscapes, and also make use of the perfect weather conditions for winter sports in the colder months.


Warsaw features a varied array of restaurants, cafes and bars, and will surprise you with its diversity of cuisines and flavors from all over the world. Concerning Polish dishes, you cannot beat the classics and surely you will have to try żurek (a sour rye soup with sausages and potatoes), pierogi (crescent-shaped parcels with many different tasty fillings) or bigos (fresh or fermented cabbage with pureed tomato and cuts of meat, finished off with honey and mushrooms), and many, many others.

Photo fot. Warszawa lub photo City of Warsaw


Photo fot. Warszawa lub photo City of Warsaw


The capital is operated by two international airports: the Chopin Airport and the Warsaw Modlin Airport. The city also boasts an extensive infrastructure and a well-functioning public transportation system serving the city with buses, trams, metro, car, and bike sharing!

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