Religion and Politics Nest

Mentor: Amb. Jan TOMBIŃSKI

Religion and political actions are intransigent components of human behavior and determine the context for the legal, political, and institutional activity of public authorities. The cohesion of society, the legislative process, and the functioning of dedicated institutions depend partially on the religious landscape of the given society. In Europe, many countries experience a rapid process of secularisation, however, the history and material and non-material heritage shape the mental space. Notwithstanding the process of secularisation, political actors and administration shall understand the role of religious sensitivity of the society to properly implement political programs and prevent tensions on confessional grounds. After following this new Nest you are expected the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge of the main religions
  • Ability to operate in a multi-religious environment
  • Risk awareness of conflicts with religious or confessional background
  • Skills to assess the political and societal environment for the political decision-making process
  • Increased skills to work as representatives of states and EU institutions in the regions of the world where religion plays an important role
  • Knowledge to explain Europe and its specific religious heritage and variety of confessional sensitivities between EU member states