Energy and Climate Nest

Mentor: Amb. Artur LORKOWSKI

Focus of the Nest in 2023-2024: Ukraine – Laboratory of energy transition

This theme could explore the concept of rebuilding better Ukraine’s energy sectors and the lessons learned from this process for the energy transition in Europe and beyond. 

In the meetings and discussions with experts, we could investigate to what extent Ukraine’s energy sector destroyed amid Russia’s war will be rebuilt better to allow a leapfrog into a greener future. Rebuilding better could be seen as a way to enhance Ukraine’s resilience, security, and sustainability in the post-war period. This process could involve investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport, and environmental restoration. Rebuilding better could also mean that while rebuilding, Ukraine should strive for closer integration with the EU and meet its decarbonization objectives. 

Rebuilding better can be seen as a specific transition process forced and accelerated by the destruction of 50 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Therefore, Ukraine will become a laboratory of the energy transition as it will pioneer in implementing innovative concepts developed worldwide to allow the energy transition in line with decarbonization objectives. Researching the case study of the war in Ukraine as a catalyst for accelerating the green transition could also lead to conclusions on the implementability of these concepts in Europe and globally.