Natolin Graduation Week of the Éliane VOGEL-POLSKY Promotion 2021/2022

From 20 June 2022 until 28 June 2022, the College of Europe in Natolin organizes the Graduation Week of the Academic Year of the Éliane VOGEL-POLSKY Promotion 2021/2022. 

The Graduation Week festivities will begin with a Barbecue on Monday, 20 June, to mark the conclusion of the exam period. On 23 June, we will have the pleasure of hosting an artistic performance by the Free Choir of Belarus

After two years of break, due to the COVID restrictions, on Saturday, 25 June, we are going to hold in person the 10th Natolin Graduation Ball. The event consists of an unforgettable night of great music and delicious food where we share the joy and celebrate our friendship. 

The celebrations will proceed on 27 June with the Natolin Students and Staff Football Cup, a tournament organized by the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office. 

The Graduation Week festivities will be concluded on 28 June with the Graduation Ceremony at Natolin Oaks Garden and live-streamed on our social media channels (FacebookYoutube) and this website.