23 Jun 2022

Artistic performance by the Free Choir of Belarus

From 19:30 till 20:30
Campus de Natolin (Varsovie)

On Thursday, 23 June 2022, the College of Europe in Natolin had the privilege to host an artistic performance by the Free Choir of Belarus (Volny Chor).

The Free Choir is a symbol of Belarusian protest. It is a community of Belarusian musicians, artists, and people whose voices were heard throughout 2020 - 2021 in Belarus and abroad as a protest against the Belarusian regime and to support the people who stand up for their freedom and dignity. Their first performance occurred on 25 August 2020 at the Stolitsa Shopping Center in Minsk, Belarus.

Belsat TV was the media patron of this event. We invite you to watch the highlights of this unique concert in the video below.

Please see the photo gallery of the performance below.

The Free Choir in Natolin

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