Eligibility and Financial Support

Here are the eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be qualified for the Natolin Fellowship Programme:

  • Nationality: The Programme is open to citizens up to 35 years old coming from Ukraine, Moldova, or Georgia. Double citizenship cases will be reviewed additionally.
  • Academic status: The Applicant must be enrolled in a PhD programme or be a recent graduate of a PhD programme in Ukraine, Moldova, or Georgia within 12 months from the graduation day.
  • Relevant university degree: The Applicant should hold Bologna Master’s degree or equivalent (240 ECTS); in case of PhD graduates, one must hold a Doctoral degree awarded by universities or other educational institutions in Ukraine, Moldova, or Georgia. This may include joint or double Master’s / Doctoral degree programmes developed by universities from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia in cooperation with other institutions in Europe.
  • Language proficiency: The Applicant should be an independent English speaker (at least B1 level or higher, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR));
  • Academic background: The Applicant should pursue a degree / career in European affairs, political science, international relations, economics, law, history, journalism, languages (although, applicants with other academic profiles, e.g., STEAM-related disciplines may also be considered).
  • Areas of interest: The Applicant should have a strong interest in the European Union and European affairs, policies, and relations with the neighbourhood, the transformation of Eastern Partnership (EaP), relations between the countries of the EaP, etc.
  • Availability: The Natolin Fellowship Programme is planned to be launched at the turn of June / July 2024 and will last until January / February 2025 (around 8 months). The participants are required to be available in person for the whole duration of the Programme.


Financial Support

A scholarship-stipend of 1 197 EUR per month for an eight-month period will be provided to each admitted participant; the total amount will be 9 576 EUR (contribution to subsistence costs, other allowances, and related personnel income taxes if applicable).

It is expected of all admitted participants to make their own arrangements for the board and lodging. Meanwhile, the College of Europe in Natolin will notify in advance, if available, of the possibilities and conditions of using the student residences and student restaurant services.

The travel costs to and from home countries will be co-financed through a travel allowance in the amount not exceeding 530 EUR. *

* The unit rate is determined by taking into account the travel distance of each participant (referring to the Erasmus+ scheme). The distance calculator provided by the European Commission must be used by the applicants to identify the distance between their place of current residence and the venue of the Fellowship: Warsaw.

Up to 1 000 EUR will be awarded to each admitted participant as an allowance for attending an international conference and / or local field / research trips.

Insurance costs for the whole duration of the Programme will be covered by the College of Europe in Natolin.

All admitted participants will have a dedicated training and comfortable and well-equipped office space for implementation of programme activities.

General News