Courses offered:

Jon Worth is a Berlin-based self-employed consultant. His work covers training and teaching about online communication, teaching and analysis of EU politics (particularly Brexit), and writing.

Prof. Worth holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Merton College, Oxford, and a MA in European Politics and Administration from the College of Europe, Bruges.
As well as teaching in Bruges he runs workshops for the Graduate Institute (Geneva), the University of Maastricht and the Italian School of Public Administration (Rome).

He has been responsible for the online communications for large political campaigns such as Harriet Harman for Labour Party Deputy Leader (2007), Diane Abbott for Labour Leader (2010) and the Atheist Bus Campaign (2009). He consults politicians, governments, EU institutions, trade associations and NGOs about online communications and social media. He is one the best known bloggers about the EU ( and commentators about the EU on Twitter (@jonworth).

He is a member of the Europe Policy Group of World Economic Forum and the Advisory Board of Transparency International EU.