HERMANIN C. & SETTEMBRI P. & WORTH J. - Negotiation and Decision-Making in the EU : A Simulation Game (50h)

Academic assistants: Sanae YOUBI and Eness CIOBANU

This course empowers students to play an active role in an EU negotiation based on a real legislative proposal with the aim of reaching a credible outcome. In doing so they experience in a lively and concrete manner how multilateral negotiations operate within and between EU institutions under the Ordinary Legislative Procedure. While acquainting themselves with the process and techniques of negotiation and decision-making, the students also observe the ways in which factors such as time pressure, communication ability, expertise, credibility, emotions, informality or personality can affect outcomes.

The course is divided in two main parts: the preparatory phase (October-November) and the simulation proper (January-February). It consists of a complementary mix of theoretical underpinnings and practical tasks. The game takes place on the basis of a real Commission proposal still under discussion at EU level at the time of the exercise. The simulation includes the main players involved in the real EU decision-making process under the Ordinary Legislative Procedure, including selected stakeholders. It therefore counts on the participation of representatives of the Commission, of all EU Member States and of Members of the European Parliament coming from all political groups (and reflecting their relative size) as well as journalists and representatives of relevant interests.

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Academic year
2023 - 2024
Second semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
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