This three-day seminar includes a comprehensive analysis of the new instruments established by the new European migration and asylum policy.

The programme presents and analyses the different migration challenges that the EU and its Members are currently facing; followed by four sessions dedicated to the different EU responses. The first focuses on refugee movements, the second on irregular economic migration, the third on legal immigration (essentially labour and family reunification) and the fourth on EU external border management.

The programme ends with an interactive workshop looking at the future of the EU and debating as well as analysing strategic issues such as enhanced solidarity between Member States, the further development funding instruments and cooperation with third countries.

The curriculum is therefore designed so that theory and practice can be called on by the participants right after the course in their professional environment.

The 2021 programme will be shortly uploaded. 

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Please note that this course can be tailored info.development [at] (on demand) for specific groups.


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