01 Jul 2024

2024 Intensive Seminar on the EU - A programme tailored to your needs!

From 01/07 09:00 till 19/07 17:30
Verversdijk, Bruges campus

The Intensive Seminar on the EU is a three-, two- or one-week training programme providing professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical skills on EU decision-making and policies. Participants can choose between three different programmes, depending on their prior level and experience on EU affairs.

  • Full-immersion (1-19 July 2024): A three-week programme  detailing the institutional framework and the EU’s main internal and external policies for participants who have limited or outdated knowledge of the European Union’s politics and policies. 
  • Advanced (8-19 July 2024): A two-week programme analysing the EU’s internal and external policies for participants that already possess a good knowledge of the EU’s institutional framework but would like to dive deeper into the EU’s different policy areas.
  • Booster (8-12 July 2024): A one-week programme offering a practical and insightful review of the main legislative priorities of the von der Leyen Commission and the hot topics at the heart of the European politics for participants who are well acquainted with both the institutional framework and the EU’s general policy area’s but are looking for the latest updates in the field.

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