Our Alumni


Leonardo DA VINCI Promotion, 1998-1999

MA in European Political and Administrative Studies (MEPA)

Head of Communications and External Relations at Eurojust (2014-2017)

Eurojust, Netherlands, The Hague


2014, EU's judicial cooperation body, Eurojust, the Hague, Netherlands
2005-2014, EU's cyber security Agency ENISA, Greece
2002-2005, EU and Public Affairs Consultant, Sweden
2000-2001, Press Secretary to the Minister for Finance, Sweden
1999-2000. European Commission-SG/College of Europe


Being admitted to the College meant that you have to meet its standards. Having this recognition is a starting point. But then you have to earn it while at the College too. To be with the best and brightest minds of Europe, discussing EU affairs, with top students, and top practitioners flown in from all over Europe and from nearby Brussels, was extremely stimulating.

To attend the College is also a social experience, as you study, eat, live and party together, forming bonds of friendship for life.

As such, the College experience and the in-depth EU-knowledge I gained was decisive for my career. Consequently, I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in EU affairs to apply. At least for me, it was one of the best years of my life.


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