Our projects

There are several ways to contribute to the College of Europe. Donations can be directed to a specific project, depending on your personal wishes. We welcome all donations of whatever size.
Here you can find an overview of how you, as an alumnus, as a sympathizer or as a company, can support the College of Europe: 

  • Support the Student Scholarship Fund    
    Help future talented students who have limited financial means by contributing to the Student Scholarship Fund:
    • Donate to your Promotion Scholarship Fund (online pledge form) or the College of Europe Scholarship Fund (for alumni who do not have a promotion scholarship fund yet)
    • Create a new personalised scholarship with your promotion or with your company/foundation
      • Every promotion can create its own scholarship fund.
      • Several companies/foundations have already created a personalized scholarship over the past few years. A list of those scholarships can be found here.
  • Support teaching and research 
    The College's academic programme is subject to dynamic and continuous changes. Support can be given to: 
  • Support the College’s buildings and infrastructure
    The College strives to offer its students a pleasant and inspirational environment to study and live in.
    The most recent infrastructure project of the College of Europe was the restauration of the 'Verversdijk' complex.
  • General donations  
    General donations will be directed by the College of Europe to the area of greatest need.

For more detailed information about the College's projects, please contact the Fundraising Office.

General News


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