Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will is one way you can act today to support the College of Europe and future generations of students.
Making a will does not have to be complicated. Every notary will be happy to inform you about your possibilities. And after you have taken care of your loved ones, you may wish to leave a gift in your will to the College of Europe. 


The College of Europe, as a non-profit organisation, is member of Testament.be (website only available in Dutch and French). This organisation aims to create awareness of the possibility to take a non-profit organisation as a beneficiary in a will. A 'duo legacy' is an interesting formula to do so. 

Duo legacy

The system of a ‘duo legacy’ allows you to leave a part of your heritage to the College of Europe without having any disadvantages for your heirs: the duo legacy will decrease the inheritance taxes and will offer the possibility to increase your net‑legacy.
This system will reduce the inheritance tax burden on your heritage, especially for relatives in second and third ranking (e.g. nieces, cousins, friends).

​Please contact Prof. N. VANHOVE for more information about a duo legacy.

Some examples

Example 1 – no duo legacy

Mr X leaves his estate of € 500 000 to his only niece. Mr X has never made any arrangements, therefore the heir will need to settle the high (Belgian) inheritance taxes:
€ 75 000 x 45% = € 33 750
€ 50 000 x 55% = € 27 500
€ 375 000 x 65% = € 243 750
Total taxes: € 305 000
The heir will receive a net-legacy of € 195 000.

Example 2 – with a duo legacy

Mr X leaves, through a duo legacy, € 250 000 of his estate to his niece and € 250 000 to the College of Europe. The College of Europe needs to settle all inheritance taxes.
Inheritance taxes on the part of the heir (€ 250 000): 
€ 75 000 x 45% = € 33 750
€ 50 000 x 55% = € 27 500
€ 125 000 x 65% = € 81 250
Total taxes: € 142 500
Inheritance taxes on the part of the College of Europe (at a reduced rate*):
€ 250 000 x 8,5% = € 21 250
General total of taxes: € 142 500 + € 21 250 = € 163 750
In this example the heir receives € 250 000 (as in the will of Mr X), which is € 55 000 more than in example 1.
The College of Europe receives € 86 250 (€ 250 000 - € 163 750)

* The reduced rate varies from region to region.

We strongly recommend that you consult a notary when making or changing your will. A notary will advise you on your best option(s) to leave your inheritance.  

Free guide book ‘Bien régler, bien léguer’ 

If you would like to get familiarized with the legislation of leaving a part of your legacy to a non-profit organization, such as the College of Europe, the organization ‘Testament.be’ published the guide book ‘Bien régler, bien léguer’ (only available in Dutch and French).
You can request a free copy of this practical guide book by sending an email to katrijn.pieters@coleurope.eu

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