07 Mar 2024

Activating the Protection of Fundamental and Human Rights at European Level

From 07/03 09:50 till 08/03 13:15

JOINT CONFERENCE: Law Department of the College of Europe & Institute for European Law of KU Leuven/RESHUFFLE project

There is growing awareness that the European Union, next to the Council of Europe, is playing an active role in the protection of human rights in Europe.
The two Courts (the European Court for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (‘ECtHR’) & the Court of Justice of the European Union (‘CJEU’) thus often act side-by-side to protect Europe’s most cherished rights. This event will shed light on the procedural tools available before each of them to enhance the protection of ‘human rights’, in the language of the ECtHR, and of ‘fundamental rights’, in the language of EU law. What are the respective strengths and weaknesses of each of the two judicial systems when it comes to actually activating them? While research on substantive law showing complementarities as well as differences between the two approaches is growing, there is still very little analysis of the procedural features of the emerging European law of fundamental and human rights. This event and the publication that will result therefrom are intended to bridge this gap in a context characterised by the revival of prospects of accession by the EU to the ECHR.

Thursday 7 March and Friday 8 March 2024
College of Europe - Campus Verversdijk - Verversdijk 16, 8000 Bruges


The registration fee is 50,00€ for all external participants (includes sandwich lunch), except for students and PhD researchers (attendance free upon prior registration).

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