Christmas vibes during the Atelier de Noël at Dijver

Some genuine Christmas vibes at our Bruges campus on Tuesday 30 November 2021, as the CoE Library Team, the Student Affairs Office and the Student Charity Association "Helpende Hand" jointly organized a sociable "Atelier de Noël" in the foyer of Dijver. An enthusiastic group of students of the Vogel-Polsky Promotion decorated our beautiful Christmas tree while the members of the Charity Club made Christmas cards. 

"We asked the students to join us to make homemade Christmas cards and also to write cards with a short message which will be given to local nursing homes/people who work in the local hospital this Christmas period. It was such a festive and enjoyable way to have a break during this busy exam period - whilst also doing a nice deed. We encouraged our fellow students to drop in for just 15 or 20 minutes to make a Christmas card", says the board of Helpende Hand.

No warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere without well-known classic Christmas songs, of course, and Library Assistant Renée MAEYAERT treated the diligently crafting students to a delicious cup of apple tea and homemade cake and cookies. Below, you can find the pictures of a wonderful Christmas afternoon at our Bruges campus:  


Atelier de Noël.30 November 2021