Closing Ceremony of the David Sassoli Promotion 2022/2023, Bruges Campus

Minister Kaag

The Closing Ceremony of the David Sassoli Promotion 2022/2023 of the College of Europe - Bruges Campus took place on Friday, June 23, 2023, at 15:00 in the Bruges Concert Hall at ‘t Zand.

Ms. Sigrid KAAG, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Netherlands, delivered a keynote inspirational address titled "What's our story? Working on a more resilient, stronger, and united Europe" outlining her vision for the future of Europe.

Catch up with her inspirational address here:


Dirk DE FAUW, Mayor of Bruges; Zoey STAMBOLLIU, President of the alumni association; and Rector Federica MOGHERINI shared encouraging thoughts with the students during the ceremony.

Student representatives Zoé BERTRAND, Luise RITTER, Shane GOODMAN, Lucie RABIER, and Adam BEUNARDEAU-PAMMEN, who have been particularly inspiring figures for their fellow students throughout the year, didn't miss the opportunity to entertain the audience while fulfilling their valuable roles as student representatives until the last minute of the academic year.

The traditional prize-giving ceremony, led by the College's directors of studies, awarded the best overall students in each department, as well as students who wrote the best theses.

All laureates and thesis prize winners can be found in the final version of the program.

Rewatch the full closing ceremony below:


Pictures of the closing ceremony:

Closing ceremony 2022-2023 David Sassoli Promotion, Bruges campus