College student speaks at Conference on the Future of Europe event

RaphaelOn 8 October 2021, Raphaël Kokkelmans, a Belgian student from the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, participated in the opening ceremony of the Belgian national consultation for the Conference on the Future of Europe. The Conference on the Future of Europe was launched on 9 May 2020 and aims to give European citizens a voice in bringing Europe closer to their expectations. As member of a panel of experts, Raphaël presented his views on the EU’s foreign policy and discussed with the other panelists as well as citizens the role of the EU in the world. He argued in favour of a more cohesive and effective European Union in international affairs, including action against the erosion of democratic principles in EU member states, stronger leadership, steps towards qualified majority voting in foreign policy, a clarification of ‘strategic autonomy’ and cooperation with like-minded partners but also issue-based coalitions. He called for an EU that is not just an economic and normative power, but also a geopolitical one.