Consent Conference and Code of Conduct Presentation

The College of Europe’s Bruges campus upholds a zero-tolerance policy for any acts against the dignity and integrity of individuals, whether in the form of discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence, or sexual misconduct. 

Since prevention is considered an essential part of safeguarding a safe and inclusive environment at the College, all our students attended a mandatory Consent Conference and Code of Conduct Presentation on September 18.

Our Student Welfare Officer, Julie Favril, gave students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct, presenting an overview of the types of prohibited behaviours, available reporting mechanisms, as well as (in)formal remedies provided.

In parallel, two experts at Sexe et ConsentementJuliette SANCHEZ-LAMBERT and Anoushka DUFEIL, hosted an interactive conference to make sure all students have the same baseline knowledge on what it means to give and receive consent.

Thank you for your participation and positive feedback!