Debates on the Future of Europe: 2024 Edition wrapped up

Future of Europe debate

On Monday, 17 June, students from the political and governance studies department (POL) were greeted by the ULB's Institut d'Etudes Européennes (IEE) in Brussels for the final plenary session of the "Debates on the Future of Europe" activity.

During this 4th edition, students from our POL department and the IEE formed 4 panels discussing topics such as security, migration, the twin transition, education and economic governance. In this final plenary session, they were able to present policy recommendations and discuss them with high-level guest experts: MEP Albuquerque; MEP Marques; Mr Le Comte, Policy Officer at the European Commission; Mr Berchesan Stand Up for Europe Secretary General and Dr Orisini, professor at Ghent University.

Students will now compile and prepare their recommendations for a future publication.

This long-standing cooperation between ULB and the College of Europe allows our respective students to enrich each other's perspectives on the challenges faced by our continent.