24 Mar 2023

Economic Policy Committee (EPC) Single Market Seminar

From 10:00 till 13:00
Dijver, Bruges campus

On March 23-24, the Department of Economic Studies will host the Economic Policy Committee.

The EPC provides advice and contributes to the work of the Ecofin Council and the European Commission.
March 23 is restricted to the representatives of the 27 Member States only
but you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the representatives of the EPC on March 24.

The program on the 24th of March is the following one:

1. Introductory words by Joost VERLINDEN, President of the Economic Policy Committee, including on the role and membership of the Economic Policy Committee (10:15-10:25)
2. Introductory words by Prof Béatrice DUMONT, Director of Studies of the Department of European Economic Studies, College of Europe (10:25-10:30)
3. Presentation by Outi SLOTBOOM, Director strategy & economic analysis, DG Growth, European Commission (10:30-10:50)
4. Presentation by Prof Daniel GROS, Institute for European Policy Making, Bocconi University (10:50-11:10)
5. Presentation by Daniel BLOCKERT, President of the High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth (11:10-11:30)
6. Comments and discussion by Prof Jacques PELKMANS, Associate Senior Research Fellow, CEPS (11:30-11:40)
7. Discussion, including interventions by students (11:40-12:15) 


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