The Economics department welcomed six ECO alumni from the Mário Soares Promotion

On April 7th, the ECO department welcomed some ECO alumni from the Mário Soares Promotion. They came to share with you their experience, talk about their job and answer your questions.

The Mário Soares ECO alumni present for the roundtable are:

  • Théophile FERLIN (ECO EPPA), Statistical Assistant (CAST) in DG JUST at the European Commission.
  • Paul NOLLER (ECO ELEA), Bank Resolution Expert at the Single Resolution Board (Resolution Planning & Decisions).
  • Johan THOSTRUP (ECO), Accredited Parliamentary Assistant for the ECON Committee at the European Parliament.
  • Mathieu VUYLSTEKE (ECO), previously research trainee at CEPS (financial markets and institutions unit), to become an Accredited Parliamentary Assistant at the European Parliament.
  • Eleonore WEMAERE (ECO EPPA), Economic and policy analyst (CAST) in DG CNET at the European Commission.
  • Marlon HILDEN (ECO EPPA), Energy, Climate and Sustainable Finance Officer at the European Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) 

After the panel discussion, the alumni met “informally” the students after the Q&A.