EG Conference #2 & #3 - Global Europe in the new (real) millennium

On the 22nd February and 1st March happened two EG conferences which were part of the EG conference series: Global Europe in the new (real) millennium. 

The first one was with Prof. BOYER and Prof. PAGOULATOS who discussed the impact of Covid-19 on economic european integration. The conference was entitled "Moving forward or stumbling backwards: a socioeconomic analysis of European integration". To support the conference, Prof. BOYER wrote a position paper on the topic that you can read here. A podcast episode recorded during the conference will be available in the coming weeks. 

The conference #3 was with Prof. POCHET and Prof. SOLER during which they discussed the potential future of Social Europe in the post-pandemic times. The conference entitled "Is there a post-pandemic future for Social Europe?" will also be available as a podcast in the coming weeks. You can also read the support note from Prof. POCHET. 

The first episode of the podcast series linked to the conference series "Global Europe in the new (real) millennium" is already available. 


The next conference will be a discussion between Laurence BADEL & Federica MOGHERINI on the 5th of April: Quel type de diplomatie européenne pour le nouveau monde ?