17 May 2022

Eliane Vogel-Polsky Lecture - Equal pay in the EU: from fundamental right to gender equality in practice?

From 14:00 till 15:15

On the 17th May 2022 at 14h00, the College is organising the Eliane Vogel-Polsky Conference in honor of this year's Patronne of promotion.

Prof. Dr. Sophie Jacquot will intervene on the legacy of Eliane Vogel-Polsky as an actor of change and will focus her speech on the current discussion on Equal Pay, a topic of the upmost importance in today's debate on gender equality.

Equal pay for women and men is at the heart of the identity of the EU since 1957. The work of Eliane Vogel-Polsky on Article 119 was essential to see the implementation of EU law on this matter. However, despite decades of EU action on this issue, women still face a 14.1% gender pay gap and a new proposal for a directive aimed at strengthening the application of the principle of equal pay is currently discussed by the European Parliament and the Council.

This presentation will explore how the question of equal pay is representative of the politics of gender equality at the EU level - between values and implementation, between equality and the market, between success and failure.

The Rector will open the conference, and discussion will be moderated by Prof. Agnès Hubert.

This event is supported by the POL department and the Gender Five Plus think tank.

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We are looking forward to discussing this important topic altogether and to honoring our Patron de Promotion Eliane Vogel-Polsky!





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