EPPA Symposium 2022


Last week, students from the European Public Policy Analysis and European Law and Economic Analysis tracks organized their annual symposium jointly on the topic of European strategic autonomy. 
After an introduction on the topic by our Rector Federica MOGHERINI, the discussion was structured around 3 panels: 
Promoting strategic autonomy at home: how can competition and industrial policies work together?
With Toni PITESA as a guest speaker.
Protecting EU energy security and transition in the wake of the Ukrainian war? 
With Frédéric LINSIG, TotalEnergies, and Thomas AUGER.
Projecting EU interests and values in the world: open, sustainable, and assertive trade strategy? 
With Román ARJONA GRACIA, Fabien GEHL and Marten WESTRUP.

Congratulations to Valentina CARRARA, Leire GARAGORRI EQUIDAZU, Victor BUS, Jeanne MOUTON, Frenkchris T SINAY, Bjørn SOYER, Sébastien MARTINO, Marina NAVARRO MONTILLA, Gabriel PAPEIANS DE MORCHOVEN, Théo MAYER, Valentin BAUDIN and Jérémie BENHAMOU for organising this great symposium.