25 Jan 2018

Conference: "Behind the Veil—The Current State of Transparency in the EU"

From 14:00 till 18:45
Room G

Dijver, Bruges campus
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

Dijver, Bruges campus

On 25 January 2018,  the Student Transparency Group, organized its annual Transparency Conference, one of the many extracurricular activities coordinated by the Department of European Political and Governance Studies. After the conference, four representatives of Transparency International EU and the European Court of Auditors moderated interactive workshops, during which the papers written by the students were presented and discussed. 


 14:00–14:20   Opening address (Room G)

 Professor Dr Olivier COSTA, Director of Studies, Department of European Political and Governance Studies, followed by a word from the Student Transparency Group.


  14:2016:00   Panel discussion: Transparency Register 2.0. Big step or tripping? (Room G)

 Moderator: Mr Leo HOFFMANN-AXTHELM;

Coffee break




  16:30–17:10     Transparency Labs – Round 1 

  • T-Lab A: Transparency in party financing  – Raphael KERGUENO (TI EU)                                                                                                 (Room G)
  • T-Lab B: Whistle-blower protection          –  Alexander JOHNSON (TI EU)                                                                                                (Room F)

Coffee Break

17:40–18:20     Transparency Labs – Round 2

  • T-Lab C: Court of Auditors & Transparency – Martón BARANYI (European Court of Auditors) and Leo HOFFMANN-AXTHELM (TI EU)   (Room G)
  • T-Lab D: Country-by-country reporting        – Elena GAITA (TI EU)                                                                                                           (Room F)


18:20 Closing remarks + Reception

More information: Thijs VANDENBUSSCHE


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