16 Oct 2019

EU and Global Policy on Artificial Intelligence: A Progress Report

Room A-B

Paul Henri Spaak building
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing both opportunities and challenges for the economy, society, and the environment. While the United States and China are investing massive resources in AI development and deployment, the EU is leading the debate on the policy framework, ethical alignment, and industrial policy, potentially charting a new path towards "AI for good". The new European Commission President-elect Ursula VON DER LEYEN has promised to adopt a policy initiative on the human and ethical consequences of AI within the first 100 days of her mandate. What will be included in the new policy framework? Will the EU lead the global debate on ethical and responsible AI? How will AI change in the next years, and what are the consequences for institutions and citizens?

Professor Andrea RENDA will present this seminar.  Andrea RENDA is a Visiting Professor since 2007 and holds the Google Chair in Digital Innovation in the European Economic Studies Department at the College of Europe since September 2017. He is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Regulatory Policy unit at the Centre for European Policy Studies, a leading research-based think tank based in Brussels (Belgium), and he is member of the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission.

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