EU Transport & Railway Affairs (ETCR) - Online!


Wednesday 23.06.21 to Friday 16.07.21



A professional exchange on European transport policy and railway sector management 

This annual seminar on EU Transport and Railway Affairs presents the latest developments within the railway sector on a European level. In 2021, it will take place fully online. Participants get the unique opportunity to work in an international environment, to set up a network among colleagues from all European and non-European countries and think about the changes within their sector, on a national as well as on an international level. They get the opportunity to confront the changes they are working out with the solutions others have given to the same problems in the various European countries.

The seminar will take place on the following dates :

Wednesday 23 June 2021
Monday 28 June - Friday 2 July 2021
Friday 9 July 2021
Friday 16 July 2021

Registrations were open until 16 June 2021
Should you like to register, please contact the team: etcr [at]

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Please fill in this information only if it differs from the address indicated above
Please fill in this information only if it differs from the address indicated above
Please fill in this information only if it differs from the address indicated above

The registration deadline for this course was Wednesday, 16 June 2021. Should you like to register, please contact the team: etcr [at]

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To join the course, participants need a laptop or computer, a webcam, a microphone and a stable internet connection. The College of Europe Development Office will not provide refunds for participants who face technical issues beyond our direct control.

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