First football match FC Traquenard against BruDoc.

Logo FC Traquenard Everyone inside the team was eager to play their first game, and the adrenaline quickly kicked in as soon as the Jan Breydel Stadium rose in front of the players as they were arriving in one of the most historically charged venue of Belgian football.

The College boys started the game all in pushing hard to keep their opponents in their half and prevent them from playing their game. For a good 20 minutes, the game was balanced with few chances on either sides. Even though BruDoc is a team of guys (Bruges doctors) that have been playing together for quite some time and know how to play football very well, they didn’t manage to break into the block set in place by FC Traquenard. Unfortunately, the locals scored two goals in the 10 minutes before the end on the first half. Ricardo managed to reduce the gap right before half-time after a solo raid in their defence.

The beginning of the second half saw BruDoc rapidly scoring another goal, forcing theJan Breydel Stadium College boys to try and push even harder but also increasing the risks of counter-attacks. FC Traquenard missed a few nice opportunities to come back in the game, and 10 minutes before the end, BruDoc took advantage of their opponent’s disorganisation to make it 4-1.

The result is bitter sweet because even though it was the first game for the boys of the College of Europe, they could definitely have gotten a better result if they had been more efficient in the box. However, the atmosphere between the guys was still awesome despite the result, and they will be back soon to take their revenge on BruDoc, hopefully this time leaving with the win.