LEHMANN W. & RIPOLL SERVENT A. - The European Parliament in the EU’s Political System (30h)

Professors Ariadna RIPOLL SERVENT and Wilhelm LEHMANN

This seminar aims to provide a fresh approach to the study of the European Parliament, by situating it into the wider EU political system. The objective is to go beyond a mere description of the EP’s internal structures and concentrate on its functions and practices. Treating the EP as part of a political system allows us to concentrate on how citizens’ demands are translated into policy outputs. The objective is thus to observe three stages of the policy process: where demands come from; who is in charge of aggregating citizens’ demands inside the EP and how this is done; and how these demands are negotiated with other EU institutions and translated into outputs. Each session will require students to examine and debate key questions of the European Parliament by putting them into a wider (theoretical) perspective. The sessions will be combined with simulation games, practical exercises and (whenever possible) insights from practitioners.

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Academic year
2021 - 2022
Second semester
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Optional courses
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