Course offered: The European Parliament in the EU’s Political System (30h) with Wilhelm LEHMANN

Current position: Professor for Politics of the European Union at the University of Salzburg and Director of the Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies

Previous professional affiliations: University of Bamberg, University of Vienna, University of Sussex, College of Europe

Education:  DPhil, University of Sussex - MA College of Europe - Diplome de l’Institut d’Ètudes Politiques, Paris

Research interests: EU institutions; EU policy-making; European Parliament; internal security policy, migration policies

Recent publications:

  • Natascha Zaun and Ariadna Ripoll Servent (2023). 'Perpetuating Crisis as a Supply Strategy: The Role of (Nativist) Populist Governments in EU Policymaking on Refugee Distribution', Journal of Common Market Studies, vol. 61(3), pp. 653-672
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