Natolin Staff Participate in ASN 2023 Panel at Columbia University, New York

This weekend, a Natolin delegation has participated in the panel 'Ukraine and Its Central European Neighbors: From Independence to the the Full-Scale Russian Invasion of 2022' at Columbia University, New York, during the 2023 Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) World Convention. Their participation at the prestigious event occurred against the context of the long-running Three Ukrainian Revolutions (3R) project at Natolin.

Featuring on the panel were Professor Georges MINK (Chairholder of Natolin's European Civilisation Chair), Professor Paweł KOWAL, Senior Research Fellow at the European Civilisation Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin, and Co-Director (with Professor MINK) of the 3R project, along with Dr Iwona REICHARDT of the 3R Project team.

The annual ASN World Convention is a renowned interdisciplinary scholarly gathering focusing on topics related to nationalism, ethnicity, ethnic conflict and national identity in regional sections on the Balkans, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, the Caucasus, and Turkey/Greece, as well as thematic sections on Nationalism Studies and Migration/Diasporas. 

Information on the full list of panellists of the Ukraine and Its Central European Neighbors panel at the ASN World Convention can be found at the convention's website.

A reminder that the College of Europe in Natolin has issued a call for chapters to be featured in the planned publication entitled "The End of the Soviet World". Full details can be found here.

Photo below courtesy of the ASN website.