GCLC Guest Lecture at the College of Europe with Advocate General Kokott

On Friday 15th October, Advocate General Kokott delivered the inaugural GCLC guest lecture at the College of Europe.  The lecture dealt with the theme of ensuring an effective application of Article 101 TFEU, while also ensuring a balanced approach which limits antitrust powers.  Concepts such as liability for damage caused by cartels and the distinction between restrictions by object and those by effect were revisited, with an emphasis on more recent case law which has provided fresh insight.  Parental liability and pay-for-delay cases were two such contemporary applications.

A lively question and answer session followed, where Advocate General Kokott responded to a range of questions concerning EU and competition law.  Participants raised several interesting topics, which widened the discussion to issues such as the role of the Court of Justice and the aims of competition policy and practice. 

The event was a great success.

advocate generale Kokott